Top 10

My best friend Diana used to send frequent emails of our top 10 in life. This is in honor of D:

1) Really good TV shows…like Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family..and are you ready for this? LOST! Still on Season 1, but we’re pushing through.

2) Grammys were so fun! I’ve never watched or listened to anything Justin Bieber, unless they break out into song/dance at youth group of that Baby song, but it was so cute watching him keep up with Usher! Usher was amazing, as always. I was very happy The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons performed. Lady Gaga- thank you for being able to dance in heels and carry a tune. 10 years of music lessons has made me seriously annoyed at female artists who sing fab in the studio and are pitchy on the stage.

3) Really, really great, supportive friends. Friends who boldly fight for me in the Spirit, text with me about our favorite girls on the Bachelor, feed me food while we watch the Bachelor every week, call me out when I need it (which has been a lot lately!), and inform me on really good concerts, like tonight- Over the Rhine!!

4) My parents, in their obedience, traveling across the world to bring hope to the unchurched, unreached, and incredibly poor. Pray for them February 17-March 4th.

5) My sweet future in-laws. Love them. I’ve had good relationships with both my sister’s and brother’s in-laws, and I am so thankful to have my very own now!

6) My wedding dress- can’t wait to wear it! I actually just tried it on between the time I started this post and now.

7) The armor of God. I’ve been needing it a lot lately

8)my students at school today were SO GOOD! It’s a rare day when I can say that. Today I attempted to teach run-on sentences and independent/dependent clauses, and one class turned into a hysterical laughing fit of writing paragraphs about the boys we loved- Bobby, Black, and Blue (clearly made-up). Maybe that’s not appropriate. oops.

9) The other day I asked God to reveal things in my life that I’ve been hiding and pushing away. He is. It makes for really hard days, really hard conversations, really hard moments, and really good clarity.

10) Obviously, Bobby. I guess he would be more of a #1 than a #10, so I should’ve reversed the numbers. He’s amazing. God has been so generous with giving Bobby the grace to handle me lately. He’s fighting for me though.


5 thoughts on “Top 10

    • errrr I kinda cheated…I read the spoilers so I know who he chose! I always get so mad when the guy chooses someone I didn’t like, so I decided to try it a different way. It’s been a lot more enjoyable. And yes, glad Michelle is gone but I will miss her sassiness

  1. omg omg omg… you have a blog!!! yippee!! i have always loved to read what you write and now I get to continue to do so!! miss seeing you but I know you are incredibly busy these days.

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