what’s in a blog?

Bobby likes it when I blog and keeps asking me to do it more, but I wonder what my blog should be. Already I’ve posted way too personal things, vented a lot, shared about what I’ve learned…but as I read other blogs I get really intimidated with their cool layouts, photos, and of course- THE RECIPES. I am not a great cook AT ALL. Like, I kind of don’t really like cooking sometimes. I would love to put something in the microwave and magically my mom’s food will appear. Unfortunately, I’ve got to learn. I know it’s the cheaper option to eating out all the time (but we looove eating out!) and it’s like, the womanly thing to do, but uugghh.

In addition to my lack of skill, the big thing I’ve been faced with is the quality of food. I watched Food, Inc. a year ago and it changed how I look at food. I honestly cannot and will not eat McDonald’s or other fast food like it. Knowing all those processed chemicals are going into my body really freaks me out. I babysit for this AMAZING family on Thursdays, and they feed their son only organic food. They’ve found studies that can link all the processed, fake food to ADHD and other problems kids can have. They’re not weird about it, and they said they won’t get mad if the kid wants to eat someone else’s food at a birthday party, but while he’s 2, they can do the best they can. I definitely want to learn more about it…but…sometimes is it necessary?

When I go to the grocery store, I get so overwhelmed with the decisions: fresh vegetables or frozen? Organic peanut butter or regular? Organic, ultra-pasteurized milk or regular 2%? Instant rice or real rice? Rice at all?! Potatoes?! Do I need to limit my carbs?!  I’m already pretty high strung, so I have to really prepare myself when I go to the store. I either spend an hour walking through every aisle, picking things up, then swinging back around to put it back (really), or I am in and out in less than 10 minutes, with a memorized list and tunnel vision.

I know if  I was a hard-core blogger, I would scour the blosg, find the recipes, blog about my own, and create a book. However, I am no Pioneer Woman. This week, I DID cook twice- TWICE! I’m super impressed with myself for that. The first time was a little off…I needed more than just a sandwich, so I threw a ton of random stuff in a crock pot, and while I will never make that specific recipe again (chicken, cream of celery, half a bag of cheese, sour cream, paprika and lemon-herb spice- what the heck??!) it was actually pretty good. Last night I made tacos, but had to use beef so it made my stomach feel a little weird after. I probably shouldn’t have told Bobby that when he came over to get some, because he conveniently decided he wasn’t hungry then. Whatever.

All that to say, I have a long way to go. Bobby’s on this adventure with me. Lucky him!


2 thoughts on “what’s in a blog?

  1. I remember when we were kids, you would make me Ramen noodles and a smooshed cheese sandwich when I would come over to your house. Ha! But don’t stress over it! Not every has to be/can be Pioneer Woman. She lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere for crying out loud! She has the time to make meals with 10,000 ingredients that she conventiently has on hand because she always makes so much food and has a lot of money.

    Just start with quick recipes that sound good to you and maybe you will evolve into liking it a little more. Pick things that you KNOW you are going to like, because no one likes to cook things that don’t sound appealing.

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