I know I tempted whatever readers I have with the promise of showcasing my brilliant art project, but I had to really think it over. Basically, I picked trash up from a trash pile, threw it in my trunk, spent an hour at Lowe’s picking out supplies, cleaned and sanded, then spray painted a CHEAPO piece of furniture that I thought could be a cool shelf that is literally plywood stapled together, not classy vintage antique that needs to be cleaned. My work of art is still, for lack of better words, trash. I was very happy with myself in the beginning; I took photos along the way, already mapping out the blog in my head. I have spent hours upon hours scouring the DIY blogs, learning the secrets, and bragging to Bobby that we have no need to buy new furniture for our nesting, I will take care of it all. The funny thing was I was driving a couple of my Somalian students back from the park, and my 8th grade girl jumped out with me and took home a box full of mugs and a bathroom rug. I was so proud.

You know your work of art is not truly a work of art when you feel shame at the thought of somebody seeing it without the proper explanation of “okay, so, I found it on the side of the road because people do it all the time, and it’s COOL when they do it, and so I tried, and really it’s just a practice, we’re DEFINITELY not keeping it, ’cause clearly it’s TRASH but I mean I kinda like it…do you?”

But I will be brave and face the truth. For your viewing pleasure:

after. still kind of gross!

I tried to sand it down a little bit for the classic “distressed” look, but all I have are funky lines from doing it incorrectly. I also wish I painted it blue. There’s a bunch of holes in the back too(remember, stapled plywood) but whatev. It’s done. Now onto the next project…Bobby’s dresser.

One day blogosphere, I will join the crafty, DIY, innovative Moms who can sew a Valentine while making a book pages wreath for every season, as I am finishing the scrapbook paper photo chandelier. One day.


3 thoughts on “trash

  1. i. am. dying! kt- this is hilarious. at the very least, your trash provided my 4:30 pm entertainment for the day, which is quite a feat. love you!

  2. You are hilarious, Katie! I think you could still make it work!:-) Why don’t you try Valspar’s Antiquing Glaze? You just paint it on and wipe it off and it will give it more of the look you’re going for maybe? Otherwise, why don’t you paint it blue? 🙂 Love you friend!

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