crafty happy

Pardon my lame excuse for a rhyme- I attempted alliteration but alas, none came. Except “Crafty Crap”, but I don’t really like the word crap. It’s kind of gross, really, whenever something happens and my first response is to yell a version of poop. Ew. I mean, I know my daddy is a GI doc and all, but there’s a time and a place.

Anyway, I have been channeling my inner craftyness. I attribute it all to my former roomie, Jess Followell, who I would watch in fascination as she sat on the floor and made beauty out of rocks, twine, paint, and a canvas. Canvas painting was all the rage at MC. I still own a large stack of canvases with random Bible verses, quotes, song lyrics, and photos on them.

A few years ago, on my first trip to Seattle to visit sis and her family, Emily taught me to knit. Emily and I are the same in that we are great visionaries, have great ideas, but get really annoyed when they aren’t as easy as we thought. We spent several hours that trip side by side on the couch, knitting, and dreaming of the good deeds we would do with our kitting. I had a great idea for starting a non-profit, knitting afghans for the Afghans. However, people told me that idea was already taken and therefore non-original. Whatev, my idea rocked. I’m thoughtful. Quickly the sisterly bonding turned into us blurting out profanities not so happy words whenever we messed up. And mess up we did.

1st attempt at a scarf

This cleverly crafted (ah! there is my alliteration!) masterpiece was given to my niece Evelyne, to be an apron for her doll. I’m pretty sure I found it stuffed in their toy basket when I visited Seattle this past October, 2 years later.

However, I do have a blast trying to create my own random things. For example: my plates. Bear with me here. In photos, notice the plethora of PLATES.

very important- NOT CURRENT!!


This is our kitchen BEFORE Bobby bought the house. That is the glossy yellow color I previously mentioned. This is our hideous faux tile floor. That is one of the flourescent lights. Those are the washer and dryer that are hanging out in the middle of the kitchen. And that is a kitchen cart that the previous owners had, and if you can see, they stacked on the leftover pieces of the formica counter on top of the cart. Ha!



Here’s a glimpse of those streaks I did a couple of months ago. The gray and blue are hiding. We had to cover them up with a large mirror when we had people over, and turned off all the lights but a tiny lamp. I’m sure nobody noticed at all…

Anyway, where I was going with all that was talking about the plates in the original photo. I didn’t want to pay a lot of $$ for nice plates to put above the cabinets, but I didn’t know what else to put up there. So, I ventured to the highly praised Goodwill of Collierville to find something. I discovered some really cool white plates and thought I’d improvise. Using some of my favorite scrapbook paper and my favorite craft “tool”-ModPodge!- I went to work. I don’t have a photo, so try to visualize. I cut out circles and ModPodged them to the part of the plate you eat on. Bobby thought they were soo cool, and he continued to praise me for my creativity. Really, they are not cute. They look like plates with a kidnergarten-like quality cut out paper circle on them…

ALAS. I press on!

The goal of the week (other than wedding plans…whoops) is to finish painting the kitchen. I’m so close. Just know, REALLY GOOD before & after photos are coming.



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