i love mr. kersey…and being mrs. kersey

Finally…wedding madness has ended, I spent an entire week with my best friend & love of my life in a beautiful Caribbean country, and I’m in a constant state of relief. I am married. M-A-R-R-I-E-D. We are MARRIED!!!! Let’s just enjoy this moment…

Here we are in marital bliss:

The honeymoon was incredibly fun as well. I was bitter that our seats on both the airplanes were not together though. I was able to pull the “sir, can you switch with my HUSBAND? It’s our honeymoooon!” in our first flight, but the ride to St. Lucia was all honeymooners. I was bitter. I think I suffer from post-wedding bridezilladom. Of course Bobby made friends with the people he sat next to, while I folded my arms and ignored the couple I sat next to. When we arrived, we had to take the hour and a half long twisty, turny, make-my-stomach-sick ride of death from the St. Luca airport to the Sandals Grande Royal resort. Upon arrival, we ate about 3 days worth of food (boo to you, Delta Airlines, for not providing a meal on a 4.5 hour flight, and making your flights so early that I slept entirely through the drinks/snack carts both times) and slept for about 5 hours. After that, it was beach, pool, sleep and food for the rest of the week.

the uber cliche beach photo

I am a kind, loving wife, and let Bobby watch the Grizz (yes, we caved and bought 2 days worth of internet there!) with the promise that after the game we would go get shrimp and sit at the beach…romantic sweetness, right?However, we both were SO exhausted from all the TV, we didn’t make it to shrimp, but I begged Bobby for us to go sit by the water for a few minutes. This is where he took me, which defeated the entire purpose of sitting by the water:

Nevertheless, honeymoon happiness continued! We attempted to hike up the big hills that were next to the resort, formerly forts used during WWII, appropriately named “Pigeon Island.”

We tried to go Thursday afternoon, yet were told as we entered the park at 4:58pm that it would close at 5 pm. Whoops. Instead we sat on some rocks and watched the waves, which ended up being one of our favorite things.

We did end up making it into the park the next day.

we aren't the only B + K !

Sadly the trip came to an end…

waiting for 5 hours in the St. Lucia airport

But we made it home in time for Easter!


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