Year 24 highlights…

1…Bobby getting a j-o-b
2… sweet proposal, sweet fiance, sweet sweet memories…
3…starting to teach part-time at De La Salle at Blessed Sacrament. meeting the best kids ever.
4…working at DLS and Starbucks. Fun for awhile until…
5…wedding planning! Lots of putting ideas and dreams on paper, and spending extra time with my mom
6…Seattle for my sister’s 30th birthday
7…Bobby’s brother’s wedding in B-ham- awesome family time and super fun wedding
8…I quit Starbucks, and started keeping my little buddy on Thursdays…l.o.v.e.
9…college girls reunion in Alabama- and lots of encouragement/prayers for marriage
10…watched the entire series of LOST. yeah, that’s a highlight
11…great showers- especially the couples shower with Clay’s hilarious game.
12…personal retreat during Spring Break…can’t wait to do that again
13…wedding prep- good times with good people
14… m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e
15…honeymoon in St. Lucia
16…moving into a permanent location
17…new baby nephew
18…end of the year ESL party with my students. precious memories there.
19…OFFICIALLY starting Graduate School- and officially a Tiger now! what up Memphis!
20…and…actually learning to like to dance. I know a lot of people are happy about that one…

Of course, those are just the main highlights that don’t require a story or explanation. So far, year 25 is the best yet, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. I know we should be thankful for everything, but there’s a long list of things that I struggled with, fought with, cried about, and was depressed about. I see grace a little clearer this year, and I feel the Lord instilling in me the importance of patience.

BTW- Making lists is really, really hard for me. This took way longer than it should have.



i love headlamp

Thursday evening, the sky got, like, really dark. It was only 6:30 so it shouldn’t have been that dark, so I knew something bad was about to happen. Right as I begin my weekly ritual of making tacos and about to write a 3-page paper on first language acquisition theories, the power goes out. This unexpected happening forced me to throw away the half-cooked meat (“farewell meat, we never knew you…”) and try not to have a panic attack about not finishing my paper on time. So there we were…in the dark…no tacos, no air, no power. I felt a little bummed for a minute until I remembered…MY HEAD LAMP!

When I spent summer 2008 in Central Asia, I learned how to be patient with unexpected and uncomfortable circumstances like this. Power there was never guaranteed, and I spent many dark, really hot nights surrounded by candles and good company. It was in those nights I learned to truly cherish people, self-reflection, and God’s goodness. In those dark nights when all we had was candlelight to cook dinner, wash dishes, get ready for bed, I learned more about the country I was in and the people we were longing to reach out to. Mom gave me a headlamp for my birthday, and it proved to be one of my favorite things. I mean, you don’t have to carry around a flashlight- cause it’s on your head! While I did use a battery-free windup flashlight a lot (also a cool necessity), the headlamp became this cool rite of passage.

With that said…I’m really missing summer 2008. I miss the hardships, the waking up on a floor and thinking I couldn’t make it and finally understanding His grace for today, the trip to a remote village and experiencing an untouched part of the world, the faces of the kids I taught, my teacher friend who shared her heart with me, learning inappropriate phrases in Dari, and especially my amazing team who still has a huge part of my heart (that I still cry when I think about them, relive life-changing conversations, or see our favorite photos).

Can’t wait to take my husband there next year (…or the next…either way, he’s going!) And while I really love my headlamp and feeling like a trendy outdoorsy girl, I also REALLY like having power and being able to have all my food in my refridgerator instead of taking it to my mom’s.


sometimes, I just feel weird. I need Him more and I need Him close.

come to us, Lord
You reward those who earnestly, diligently seek You
I wanna see Your face, I wanna know Your way
come to us, Lord
we want You more than this world
more than our way
Your way is higher
Your thoughts are higher

what can wash away my sin?

nothing but the blood of Jesus….

what can make me whole again?

nothing but the blood of Jesus…

o, precious is the flow

that makes me white as snow

no other fount I know

nothing but the blood of Jesus…

Been meditating on this daily…and reminded of His good and that I am here for that…HIS good…His glory, His name to made known. May I earnestly, diligently seek His heart and His face…May I understand the depth of my sin and need for grace…

“and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose…”
Romans 8:28


It’s true that May is the Christmas of Spring- I can’t believe how busy we were the last week. It began with 8th grade graduation, end of the year ESL party for my students, my new nephew’s rather exciting entry into life, family time, yard work (aka, my new favorite thing!), Sunset Symphony at the MS river, going to a cookout and hosting one…tonight is the first night in weeks that I am going to actually cook dinner and potentially be home longer than a few minutes before it’s time to go to bed.


my precious friend Gosiah…who everyday at school encouraged me, offered ESL wisdom (she’s from Poland), talked life, enagagement, marriage – she’s about to go back   to Minnesota on Friday to get married. Bittersweet.                        

too cute Kathleen- the other Lasallian Volunteer who was a great encouragement with the kids, giving ideas and basically a lot of fun. Thankfully she is staying in Memphis!

The girls love their new brother Caleb

Baba and his new grandson

I love how Cate is rubbing his head here!

The Taylors
Caleb Andrew Taylor, born May 25th, 2011 at 6:19am

    Happy aunt
happy uncle (too cute!)

side note: Jennifer woke up at 3:15am, left for the hospital at 5:55, checked in their hospital room at 6:15, Caleb was born at 6:19. I’m pretty sure he wins the award for The Taylor Most Excited to Begin Life!

other side note: Emily, wish y’all were here. Please move back soon. I’m waiting.

Sunset Symphony