It’s true that May is the Christmas of Spring- I can’t believe how busy we were the last week. It began with 8th grade graduation, end of the year ESL party for my students, my new nephew’s rather exciting entry into life, family time, yard work (aka, my new favorite thing!), Sunset Symphony at the MS river, going to a cookout and hosting one…tonight is the first night in weeks that I am going to actually cook dinner and potentially be home longer than a few minutes before it’s time to go to bed.


my precious friend Gosiah…who everyday at school encouraged me, offered ESL wisdom (she’s from Poland), talked life, enagagement, marriage – she’s about to go back   to Minnesota on Friday to get married. Bittersweet.                        

too cute Kathleen- the other Lasallian Volunteer who was a great encouragement with the kids, giving ideas and basically a lot of fun. Thankfully she is staying in Memphis!

The girls love their new brother Caleb

Baba and his new grandson

I love how Cate is rubbing his head here!

The Taylors
Caleb Andrew Taylor, born May 25th, 2011 at 6:19am

    Happy aunt
happy uncle (too cute!)

side note: Jennifer woke up at 3:15am, left for the hospital at 5:55, checked in their hospital room at 6:15, Caleb was born at 6:19. I’m pretty sure he wins the award for The Taylor Most Excited to Begin Life!

other side note: Emily, wish y’all were here. Please move back soon. I’m waiting.

Sunset Symphony

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