i love headlamp

Thursday evening, the sky got, like, really dark. It was only 6:30 so it shouldn’t have been that dark, so I knew something bad was about to happen. Right as I begin my weekly ritual of making tacos and about to write a 3-page paper on first language acquisition theories, the power goes out. This unexpected happening forced me to throw away the half-cooked meat (“farewell meat, we never knew you…”) and try not to have a panic attack about not finishing my paper on time. So there we were…in the dark…no tacos, no air, no power. I felt a little bummed for a minute until I remembered…MY HEAD LAMP!

When I spent summer 2008 in Central Asia, I learned how to be patient with unexpected and uncomfortable circumstances like this. Power there was never guaranteed, and I spent many dark, really hot nights surrounded by candles and good company. It was in those nights I learned to truly cherish people, self-reflection, and God’s goodness. In those dark nights when all we had was candlelight to cook dinner, wash dishes, get ready for bed, I learned more about the country I was in and the people we were longing to reach out to. Mom gave me a headlamp for my birthday, and it proved to be one of my favorite things. I mean, you don’t have to carry around a flashlight- cause it’s on your head! While I did use a battery-free windup flashlight a lot (also a cool necessity), the headlamp became this cool rite of passage.

With that said…I’m really missing summer 2008. I miss the hardships, the waking up on a floor and thinking I couldn’t make it and finally understanding His grace for today, the trip to a remote village and experiencing an untouched part of the world, the faces of the kids I taught, my teacher friend who shared her heart with me, learning inappropriate phrases in Dari, and especially my amazing team who still has a huge part of my heart (that I still cry when I think about them, relive life-changing conversations, or see our favorite photos).

Can’t wait to take my husband there next year (…or the next…either way, he’s going!) And while I really love my headlamp and feeling like a trendy outdoorsy girl, I also REALLY like having power and being able to have all my food in my refridgerator instead of taking it to my mom’s.


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