Year 24 highlights…

1…Bobby getting a j-o-b
2… sweet proposal, sweet fiance, sweet sweet memories…
3…starting to teach part-time at De La Salle at Blessed Sacrament. meeting the best kids ever.
4…working at DLS and Starbucks. Fun for awhile until…
5…wedding planning! Lots of putting ideas and dreams on paper, and spending extra time with my mom
6…Seattle for my sister’s 30th birthday
7…Bobby’s brother’s wedding in B-ham- awesome family time and super fun wedding
8…I quit Starbucks, and started keeping my little buddy on Thursdays…l.o.v.e.
9…college girls reunion in Alabama- and lots of encouragement/prayers for marriage
10…watched the entire series of LOST. yeah, that’s a highlight
11…great showers- especially the couples shower with Clay’s hilarious game.
12…personal retreat during Spring Break…can’t wait to do that again
13…wedding prep- good times with good people
14… m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e
15…honeymoon in St. Lucia
16…moving into a permanent location
17…new baby nephew
18…end of the year ESL party with my students. precious memories there.
19…OFFICIALLY starting Graduate School- and officially a Tiger now! what up Memphis!
20…and…actually learning to like to dance. I know a lot of people are happy about that one…

Of course, those are just the main highlights that don’t require a story or explanation. So far, year 25 is the best yet, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. I know we should be thankful for everything, but there’s a long list of things that I struggled with, fought with, cried about, and was depressed about. I see grace a little clearer this year, and I feel the Lord instilling in me the importance of patience.

BTW- Making lists is really, really hard for me. This took way longer than it should have.



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