big moment

This might seem somewhat NOT a big deal for people, but this is so exciting for me. Finally, after Bobby owning his house for 1.5 years, we got out the hammer and nails and put two pictures up on the wall!

The funny thing is, Bobby has things on his walls. Right now the only things up are pictures in his Man-Room, but I don’t like to talk about those. There’s a reason it’s his room, not mine. Bobby gets nervous about putting holes in the walls, so he tries to use the same holes the previous owners had. A couple of weeks ago I got really adventurous and tried to put up some shelves in our bedroom. It was not a successful attempt, and I tried to hide the evidence before Bobby got home. Unforunately, that night he asked “So what’s your plan with all those holes in our wall…?” oops. busted.

Anyway, last night I got my birthday card from one of my favorite people ever, Meredith Pace, and it matched other cards she’s given for me from birthdays & engagement (via Curly Girl Designs, which she has gotten me into). Therefore…

from 25th birthday

24th birthday

I got these frames when I worked at Starbucks. My manager was about to throw them away, so I took them home. They have little pictures of the dairy-man and a coffee cup on them, which I covered with black and white maps from a calendar. It didn’t look right, so I put the cards in there. So…you can kinda see the map behind the cards.

We have big plans for other parts of the house…and lots of resources…

approximately 20 picture frames, no lie

Oh, but I forgot I did “hang up” (as in, pushpins) another art-work. Some of my students from this year came over last week, and I had to put up their wedding gift to me:

"LOVE" 🙂

I had to share my excitement over this. Woohoo!



2 thoughts on “big moment

  1. Those cards look so cute framed, KT! I love them! You did such a great job re-using those Starbucks frames. Yeah for holes in the wall!

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