the big j-o-b…?

I get a lot of questions about my job status, and after finding out some news today I figured I would go ahead and publicly share, cause, why not. Let’s do a quick summary of the past few years though…just for perspective:

May 2008: graduated college, figured I was going to be living overseas forever so what’s the point of finding a job?!

August 2008: began internship at home church in Memphis. Totally a temporary move…

February 2009: on vision trip, God says no and long-term workers tell me that I am a tea-drinker, that I can’t get a Visa on the “talking” platform, and I should come back when I get married.

May 2009: internship is ending, overseas fell though, I have NO idea what I want to do, so I take an interim position at a golf club as a Food & Beverage Director. Have I ever had any experience in Food & Bev? Nope! I coordinate events (not my thing!) and am in charge of people (ugh). But I did fall in love that summer 🙂

August 2009: F & B lady comes back, so I am demoted to banquet staff/beverage cart girl/restaurant worker. I make lots of money but decide I want to be a teacher of some type, so I begin graduate school as non-degree seeking.

October 2009: Golf season is on the downward slope, so I get a second job at Starbucks. Insurance + coffee + hilarious coworkers + graduate school = seemingly awesome. Golf club eventually fades away in November.

Summer 2010: try to get in with Memphis City Schools as an ESL teacher (oh yeah, somewhere along the way I decide I want to teach ESL! yay!), take my Praxis, pass, go through beginning stages of interviews, get phone calls for openings, but I take a part-time teaching position at De La Salle teaching ESL to Africans. Technically, I was a “Title III, self-employed, Bi-lingual counselor, private vendor for Memphis City Schools to De La Salle”. I wanted to see if I liked teaching, and I knew the school was pretty much the ideal situation. It’s a Jubilee school, which cares about what I care about and that’s great. Meanwhile, I get engaged and decide to take a year off of school.

December 2010: drowning in two jobs so goodbye Starbucks…goodbye free coffee…

January 2011: begin keeping Sarah’s nephew on Thursdays- did I mention Sarah got me the job at Starbucks AND De La Salle?

March 2011: I get a phone call that the money has run out and I am not to return to DLS. I freak out, make moves to substitute with MCS until somehow, randomly, the Diocese found a load of money specifically for ESL. Hmm…

May 2011: last days at DLS.  I need a full-time teaching job so I can become certified through the U of M program. Keeping Nathan on Mondays & Thursdays…and that’s all…

June 2011: back in grad school, officially in the program: Masters of Teaching English as a Second Language.

July 2011: here we are now. I was pretty set on what schools I wanted to teach at and who I wanted to teach exclusively. On the drive back from the conference last weekend, I sensed the Lord was asking me to release some things, namely what I thought my purpose in Memphis was. I don’t want to presume to know what’s best for me and shut doors myself on things. So then I applied to the County, which I never originally planned. Anyway. Lots of prayer, lots of hope and positive encouragement from people, and lots of saying I trust the Lord with what He’s got.

Then today.

Today I call the MC ESL department to talk to my now good friend, Mr. D, who is the main man. Through a long conversation, I learned there are NO more ESL openings in MCS! Part of the conversation went like this:

Me: Hi Mr. D, it’s Katie Kersey, formerly Katie Taylor…blah blah exchange pleasantries…So how’s this job thing looking? Any updates?
Mr. D: yeah…It looks grim.
Lots of talking here…towards the end:
Me: so…is the best thing for me to do right now is pray really, really hard and hope someone quits?
Mr. D.: yeah…

Okay, so there we go. Here I am, at an opportunity for faith to be used. I’m disappointed for sure, nervous about things (like, insurance, like, money, like, school…) but I’ve felt God leading me towards teaching. I’ve been praying a lot about teaching this summer, and making sure it really is what God wants to use me for, not just the easiest default. Now I see that this “easy default” I was leaning on is NOT SO EASY! My prayer is that if God has something better for me, to use here (or overseas…) or whatever, that Bobby and I will be brave and go with it. I LOVE school and what I am learning, but I will give it up to follow Him.

So, while a blog is NOT the best place to ask, for whoever stumbles across this in the blogosphere, please pray for me and Bobby. It’s hard knowing that this affects him, but good knowing I have a partner in this. And in case you missed the timeline, I’ve been out of college for 3 years and have not had a full-time job yet. It kinda wears on me at times and makes me feel insecure, but I see clearly that God still has lots of random and cool things for me. I may never get the big full-time job, but if that’s what He has…then…okay…I choose to believe He’s good even when I’m ready for something new.


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