a little on music

For anyone who knows me, you know I am a Broadway baby at heart and can listen to fabulous female artists all day. Something about taking voice lessons and years of choir have turned me into the kind of person that immediately raises the eyebrows, pulls from the diaphragm and sings harmony as loud as possible when a good song comes on. I’m not that good or anything, I am definitely best in a choral setting, but I love music I can sing along too. Give me some Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, Sandra McCracken, Katie Herzig, Brooke Fraser, Patty Griffin, Over the Rhine, etc. and I am a happy girl. I would say Brandi Carlile but she kind of depresses me sometimes.

I listened to bands in high school, like Dashboard Confession and the All-American Rejects, but secretly drove around listening to Lea Salonga, Sarah Brightman, Susan Egan and other Broadway musicals I had seen, compiled on my selfmade CD titled “I Want to be on Broadway”. Some days you might have caught me learning my sister’s college choir music, attempting the high notes during my first soprano days (which are long, long gone). However, being friends with Meredith C., Karen, Bobby and Joy have opened up new worlds of music. These are the music searchers, which I am not, who introduce me to the stuff I should know already like Ryan Adams, Wilco, or classic rap songs. Thanks to them, I am able to enjoy The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Songs, Local Natives, The Weepies, Matthew Perryman Jones, Jon Foreman, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and other good ones on the mix cds they make that I don’t know the names of.

However, the music that holds a very special place in my heart will always be Hillsong and Waterdeep, especially Enter the Worship Circle. However if you ask Bobby, the music I can’t live without is Ke$ha. This is untrue information, despite the fact we all totally rocked out to her at our wedding. On that note, I used to never EVER listen to the radio or any pop/rap music. This past year I felt like I was missing out on useful information and way behind on the trends (still never caught up), so I started listening to it. I discovered a forgotten love of pop from the 7th grade Britney/98 degrees days. I might have a list of favorite innapropriate singers somewhere, which was featured on my birthday game “Who knows Katie the best?”, but we’ll save that post for later.

Important note: absolutely no country. Ever. None. (sorry Diana) I respect the art but don’t enjoy the twang.

Here’s a little taste of the goodness I enjoy…
this girl is a-ma-zing. She might have been a couple of Disney princesses…and sometimes I might spend an hour on youtube watching everything of her…

one of my college friend group’s song…yeah, we have songs, we’re cool like that

latest love

This post was fun, so definitely to be continued. If I missed anything or should know of anything…let me know 🙂


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