Since the last post, teaching has only gotten better. I do enjoy the role I get to play in these kids’ lives and learning to teach without talking too much- that is, when I actually get to pull them. I forgot how much schedules change LIKE ALL THE TIME. Whether it’s another grade testing (which affects me), an assembly, a chorus field trip, a spelling bee, whatever, I can’t pull my class. Thankfully I have a table in the 4th grade hall that I use to pull kids one-on-one. And thankfully I have awesome 4th grade classroom teachers that let me do what I need to do.

Anyway, on a different note, marriage has been pretty cool too. Life is not perfect, but I feel happy in a way I haven’t in a really, really long time. There’s a lot of uncertainty and questions still about things, but I have finally started to let go and know it’s okay to be happy and trust God with His plans. I used to think if I was happy, God would zap it out of me through a crisis or a bad day. Pretty bad theology, I know, but I’m just being honest. The more I learn about God, I see that’s not how it works. It’s not just having a job or being married that makes me happy, while they definitely contribute, I can sense I am coming so much closer to knowing who I am. I’ve worn so many hats and identities in my life that I want to be at rest with who God made me to be- whoever that is.

Here’s some fall happiness for your viewing pleasure.

We got to go see The Avett Brother’s at Bulldog Bash in Starkville. We hadn’t seen them since 2009 so it was SO great to hear them live again.

We stayed at Greg’s grandmother’s house after the concert- which by the way, Greg and Brienne are ENGAGED. We love Brienne. And sorry other friends for not having photos of you. Also undocumented is the AMAZING time we had in Louisville throwing a shower for one of our favorite couples, Erin and Sloane.

November is a huge chunk of birthdays in my family- Clay, Jennifer, Dad, and Caitlyn. Bobby and I went to Red Robin with my brother’s family for Jennifer and Caitlyn’s birthday. Here’s the cute little birthday girl- 3 years old!

Cate quickly got bored though while waiting for her ice cream…

and then Hannah did too.

Then it was Thanksgiving time in Paducah…we had to get the photo by the FBC Paducah Christmas tree

I didn’t take any other photos, so I’ll borrow a photo that Bob took- us at the famous Patty’s restaurant on Kentucky Lake with Uncle Marty, Laura, Blake & Lindsey.

Now here’s the pictures I know everyone is waiting for. The First Official Kersey Family Christmas Tree. Last year we made a Jesse Tree, which is a fun tradition we’ll (try to) keep up. This tree was a $20 Ace Hardware tree that I bought in January. My family has always been strict real-tree only people, so I felt a little rebellious buying this. Meet Tamra, the Tannenbaum:

Last night we pulled out the 5 ornaments were have and decorated. Olga gave us a bunch of hand-me-down silver ornaments, but as you can see, there’s not much room for a lot. Bobby grew up with a bow on top of his tree, we always had a star- so we’re trying to compromise for something different, other than the traditional angel, star, or bow. We’ll let you know when we decide.

While Tamra might not be the grandest tree of them all, she serves us well. We love Tamra the Tannenbaum!


3 thoughts on “happy

  1. Patty’s is AWESOME!!! I think we have talked about this before… we have been there with Alan’s dad’s family from Paducah. Since the first time we fell in love with it and have gone back several times (but did NOT tell the family there… haha!). And I vote for you to put either a Santa hat or an angel halo on the tree. That would be cute!

  2. Glad the vintage bears sweatshirt could make its grand (re)appearance into the world! it has missed a lot since the last millenium.

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