seattle in september

This week is a countdown week for me- not only because it’s the last week of school, but because this Friday night my sister’s family comes into town. It’s always a huge deal for me, and I absolutely love seeing everyone all together. All the kids (all SIX of the kids!) are precious and love each other. Bobby married into 3 nieces and a nephew, and has gained 2 more nephews in the past few months. And it’s no secret the kids LOVE Bobby…in fact, they usually run and hug him before me.

While I love my sister’s family being in Memphis, nothing beats a vacation in Seattle. Although it’s always dark and chilly and a little gloomy when I am there (even though every week BEFORE I come is supposedly sunny and beautiful), it’s truly a place of rest for me. I have been 3 times the past 4 years, and I really will miss going whenever they move back.

I should’ve posted this before, but better late than never. Emily asked me to come stay with her in Seattle while Clay was gone for a week in September. I procrastinated buying a ticket because I was waiting for a job, and literally the day I bought the ticket I was informed about a job opening, which I ended up getting. Thankfully, the timing was perfect and I got Seattle AND a job!

Here I am with Evelyne and Harrison in our make-shift “reading tent”

We picked blackberries that are all around their neighborhood

Emily left me to make the blackberry pie with the kids…unfortunately I have a problem with reading recipes, so it was ridiculously messy and I accidentally blended the berries…whatever. Still tasted good.

Can we say S-T-U-D? He even made his own tattoos on his arm with a marker, practicing with Clay before he made the plunge for his first tat

Pretty sis…Emily is an expert at wrapping a baby up, leaving her hands free

So glad I got some bonding time with the newest nephew Sullivan…

These are true Seattle kids- always prepared

At a park…as soon as we got there, Harris started running towards the ducks quacking

The night before I left- saying goodnight for the last time

Clay is not featured in any photos because he was taking a PT class in Michigan. He came back about midnight on my last night, but still woke up at 5am to take me to the airport for a few minutes of catch-up time. He is a good one.

All in all, awesome trip. Can’t wait to take Bobby to Seattle next time!


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