waiting, but in a good way

A few weeks ago, Bobby and I went to Nashville for our friends Erin and Sloan’s wedding. It was literally one of the most unique, worshipful, and incredible weddings I have been to. Our friend Meredith’s dad did the ceremony, several friends led a sincere worship time, and everyone cried when Erin walked down the aisle. Erin chose the song “Waiting Here for You” from Passion to come down to. After the years of dating and waiting they experienced- approximately 3.5 years through graduate school programs, unemployment, new jobs, moving several states around- the song captured the beauty of waiting for the Lord and His timing. It was a sweet representation of waiting for Christ’s return on Earth, and a challenge to worship through the waiting.

Last week for Spring Break I went to Cancun, Mexico with some friends. Other than the fact I was beyond thrilled about the beach, friends and guacamole, I was grateful to have lots of time to sit, reflect, and pray. Our last day, I kept playing the song “Waiting Here for You” on repeat. It struck me that I’m not in a season of waiting at the moment. It feels unnatural and a little unnerving that I don’t have anything to be anxious about, as weird as that sounds. There is still a part of me longing for more though. I know that longing is for closer intimacy with Christ, knowing Him more and allowing myself to go deeper. He is worth my time and energy. Sometimes I open my Bible, wanting to hear from Him and can hear nothing. Those frustrating moments keep me from sitting and waiting for Him, and I go off and do my own thing until I’m ready to try again. I remember a Matt Chandler sermon from years ago where he reprimanded people, saying something along the lines of “Why do you expect to hear from God when you only give Him 10 minutes a day? You say ‘I’m here God! Ready for my quiet time! We got 10 minutes though so hurry!'”

I’m still guilty of giving God a few minutes, saying “speak now cause I really want to watch New Girl in a minute” or becoming ADHD with my prayer time. There is something inside of me begging me to wait on the Lord. I’m used to finding him in my stress, worry, waiting impatiently and difficult times. This is a different season now though, one not wrought with anxiety and depression, but a simple and happy season. I am being challenged to wait for His presence, not for anything but Him.

“You are everything You’ve promised
Your faithfulness is true
And we’re desperate for Your presence
All we need is You…”


2 thoughts on “waiting, but in a good way

  1. Loved this.
    I feel like I’m right there with you. I’ve been thinking through the whole “waiting” thing for a few weeks & my heart feels as though it is indeed waiting for something…something so much bigger than myself or anything I could ever imagine. I want to know Him more. I want to delight in His promises & in His commands. He is good & does good & can be trusted.

    Also, love that you quoted my pastor. He reprimands us as a Church quite a lot…but it is so good to know He loves His sheep that much.

  2. I’m about to listen to that song before I go to bed…grateful for you and your honesty! You are good communicator, too, my friend. Love you.

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