getting it together

dear bloggity blog,

im sorry i ignored you.

it was on purpose.

but i will get it together this week.

theres been a lot of this going on…


and general chilling and enjoying summer. unfortunately for me, i lose discipline (that kinda was not already there to begin with) and just slack off.

not to mention taking 3 graduate classes is kicking my boo-tay, mixed in with my need to wait until almost the last minute to turn things in…

(photo taken last week to document the ridiculous internal struggle i have where i have to wait until the almost cut-off time to submit my papers through U of M dropbox, which are all due at 11:59pm).

plus taking non-helpful quizzes to test my knowledge of the English language…

(which, btw, i think both of these answers were wrong…the fact i dont know isnt that encouraging of my effort)

but i have returned to you blog, and i promise to share some good stuff!

soon and very soon,


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