a new one is added every year…

This blog post has been a year long process in the making. I started it last year, didn’t finish, then figured I would wait until the next year for an even better post. Good thing I waited because there’s an AWWW moment at the end (at least in my opinion. People cried over this, just saying.)

Meredith Pace…many words describe her: fearless, Jesus-loving, kind-hearted, compassionate, wise, lover of books, smart, strategic, and a heart friend to many. Every year her birthday party ends up being a sweet time of friends getting together to celebrate her life and to also have a really fun, mid-summer party. This blog post is dedicated to her and to some of my favorite memories of living in Memphis.

July 12th…

Year 1: 24th birthday

Mere, Cass, Bobby, Karen and I ate amazing Indian food and went to the Matt Kearney concert. This was also when Mere informed me when she learned that his name was pronounced “carny”, like a carny, it made her feel weird since apparently she feels weird about the carnies. This photo also symbolizes why you will most likely never see me in a pattern (solids or stripes all the way!). This photo also documents Bobby’s first time of eating Indian food. I officially began falling in love with him at this point. Thanks Meredith.

Year 2: 25th birthday

This birthday was so special because…Brad, Amy, and Sarah made appearances! Plus, this was the first ever friend gathering with Brad, since he had just gotten off the plane from Central Asia. He easily fit in to the group and Bobby was happy to have another guy. We played Who Knows Meredith Best (a consistently popular party game). We learned Meredith’s favorite cereal is not Smackums, she doesn’t only eat organic, she always washes dishes before goes to bed, and I’m pretty sure I won.

Year 3: 26th birthday

This year…WE GOT SETH!! Seth is a perfect fit in so many ways, and we couldn’t be happier to have him and his bow-tie loving self. And clearly Mere loved being surrounded by these men. This year we all acted out our favorite Meredith moment, most of which included our road trip memories with her to D.C. or Indiana. This is the event I learned I CANNOT BAKE. Don’t ask me to bake. Don’t even let me volunteer. This offense was repeated for Karen and Sarah’s birthday gathering, and I’ve officially learned my lesson.

Year 4: 27th birthday

Let me preface that this year might appear that there was not one added, but people taken away…

BUT NO!! We did gain a new one…BABY LUCRETIA!!!

It’s horrible quality, but my phone is displaying a picture of Amy and her bump that’s heading our way in October (!!) She texts us pictures every month (instead of posting on FB), so we had to include it. This year we had our last dinner party at Mere’s McLean apartment, because she bought a house! The Angelus house with its perfect porch has some incredible times ahead.

In conclusion, thank you Meredith for having fantastic birthdays and being an example of a solid friend to us.
And thanks friends for slowly bringing new members of the family. Love you all!


One thought on “a new one is added every year…

  1. Awww! This post makes my heart so very happy! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me! And I will say this: you CAN bake. That was an amazing German chocolate cake for year 26! God has been so very good to us…the additions have brought more joy than I could have ever imagined!
    And dear baby Lucretia, we eagerly await your arrival! I am so blessed to have the most amazing friends!

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