and here we go

When i got my job last year, I started at the end of September. Do you realize how brilliant that actually was, and how the Lord truly was sparing me? OH MY GOSH i was not prepared for this year and the craziness it is. Truthfully, i love working and being with the kids is priceless. However. This week has been running around finding our kids, seeing who is in what classroom, how long they have to see us, getting permission forms, figuring out who needs to be tested, finding scores, and working out the schedule…a lot of running around. And let me say this- the first week of school coinciding with the last week of a graduate summer course- NOT ideal. But I made it. DONE.

This year i moved to 1st grade, which is good and bad. I love older kid content better, but I definitely love the hugs I am already getting from my soon-to-be kids. The good part is I am team teaching with a great teacher- and then surprise- we have so many ESL kids our numbers require us to have NINE esl teachers- so we got another teacher with us. Out of control. It will work out best for the kids so we can still bring in 15ish kids (we have about 80ish to see) and we can break up into small groups for centers.

There is the small factor of the classroom. We are out in the wasp/yellow jacket infested portables, crammed with two teachers who have been teaching for years, all their crap, and me, the one who has a low tolerance for cheesy teacher decor. BUT I have come a long way from last year when I was confused and annoyed by the colors and decor. And thankfully the two teachers I am working with are incredibly flexible, upbeat, open to new ideas, and willing to work with each other.

So I should probably let you in on some things from Portable 301…

20120810-225947.jpgWe began the week with no AC. Therefore we missed out a few days to set up the room.

20120810-230005.jpgThis sweet lil’ poster is hung up so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. BAM. Does that not just make ya wanna SMILE?! (or puke)


20120810-230033.jpgThe mess of the board. Blah


Tanya tried to put this poster up. Stacy (the main teacher I team-teach with whose portable we all moved into) was nice about it, but I quickly vetoed this.


Tanya’s messy corner- this is what happens when you teach for 16 years- YOU ACCUMULATE



So….this was Tanya’s old Classroom Rules with the bucktooth apple…


This is Stacy’s with the children and her see no/hear no/speak no evil monkeys


And here’s what we actually ended up using…(default since their writing didn’t come off on theirs)- the simplistic, minimalist version I made.


And here is my poor attempt at making some form of conduct. I put the whole thing together, then realized WAIT, we have 80 kids…let’s hope they don’t all jump on S the same day. And ignore that the lessons are crooked and it’s just a mess. Perfectionist I am not.


I popped over to the reading corner to give the visual of what we hope our kids end up loving to do. And we hope they all have this excited of an expression when they read.


And when all else fails- CAFETERIA PIZZA RULES. It’s gonna be a great year



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